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Back to school. For some people these three words are great news, while for others it is an anxiety-ridden event. Back to school can be a stressful time for any age, but if you are a parent that is having their first experience with back to school, for pre-school or kindergarten aged children, it is even more stressful! It is important for parents to learn to manage their own anxieties about the first day of school in order to help their children have a positive experience during their first week. The most important thing that a parent must do is create a routine for the child from morning to after-school to evening. Children become more adaptable with a new experience (such as going to a new school) once they are comfortable with their surroundings and their routine

Getting your child ready to go to school for the first time requires planning, preparation and practice. ezStorage created the “Ultimate Back to School Guide for Parents” to give tips on making the first day of school less intimidating and stressful for the entire family. Start prepping now for all of the school projects, papers, and collections that you will be storing throughout your child’s school career. Store these precious keepsakes in a secure storage unit at ezStorage.

Back to School Checklist

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