Arts and Crafts Storage

Craft supplies have a way of multiplying, especially over the holiday season. No matter what your passion - knitting, scrapbooking, sewing, jewelry making or more - you'll need a place to keep your supplies. If you are looking for craft storage solutions, ezStorage offers a low cost way to store your treasured crafting items in a self-storage unit. Below are some ideas on how to organize arts and crafts storage units.

Storage bins and shelving for arts and crafts

Plastic storage bins come in a variety of sizes and are great for storing craft items. Group like items together - for example store all of your yarn in one bin. Choose smaller containers for things like crochet needles. You can easily stack bins on top of each other to make the most of your space. Adding shelving into your storage unit also makes it easy to stack containers, especially smaller containers.

Organize Your Arts and Crafts Storage

It's important to make sure your craft supplies are organized so you quickly find what you are looking for. Before packing away your supplies, get an inventory of everything you want to store. Group items together that are part of the same project or have a similar purpose. Label containers as you pack. Be sure to keep a list of what you have stored in your unit, and where. This will make it easy to find what you are looking for without hassle.

Seasonal craft storage ideas

If you're a crafter, you likely have a good supply of various holiday projects - from Christmas wreaths to July Fourth flag displays. Arts and craft storage units allow you to rotate items in and out as you need them. Put away your red ribbons and Santa themed wrapping paper in January and take out your pastel bunny designs in spring. Your home will stay clutter free and you'll be able to build and use your seasonal craft items throughout the year. Don't forget that leftover bows and other Christmas inspired crafting items might add the perfect touch to another project completely unrelated - hang onto these items and see what kind of ideas you have!

Inventory and excess supplies

From Etsy shops to flea markets, if you are selling your crafts, self-storage provides a place for you to keep your inventory. Arts and crafts storage is made easy by allowing you to keep projects - from completed crafts to works in progress - out of the way. Your crafts are protected from any accidental damage caused by pets or children and allow you to declutter your home. Self-storage is also useful if your local craft store is having a sale on items you'll need and you want to stock up. Buy all the supplies you'll want for the next year without the worry of where you'll be able to put everything.

Climate controlled options for arts and crafts

You may want to consider climate controlled storage to keep your arts and crafts. Depending on the fabrics, paints or crafting tools you use, variations in temperatures could potentially damage these items. ezStorage offers climate control at most of our facilities. In a climate controlled unit, the temperature should stay between a specific temperature range.

Learn more about arts and crafts storage

Want to learn more about craft storage solutions from ezStorage? Our expert storage professionals can help answer all of your questions, including packing and sizing concerns. To get started, find a self storage facility near you.