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Maryland Renaissance Festival 2015The Maryland Renaissance Festival opened at the end of August and is open every weekend through October 25th. The Maryland Renaissance Fair is located in Anne Arundel County at 1821 Crownsville Road, just outside of Annapolis and offers a unique outdoor experience of food, entertainment, skills and demonstrations, all in a day’s trip back to the 1525 court of King Henry VIII and Queen Katherine of Aragon.

Transport back in Time at Renaissance Festival MD 2015

As you enter the Maryland Renaissance Festival, you are transported back in time to the fictional village of Revel Grove, England. You will see actors portraying members of the royal court including King Henry VIII and his first wife, Katherine of Aragon. These performers take part in parades throughout the fair; oversee jousting tournaments and other daily entertainment activities and interaction with the fairgoers.  There are also magicians, jugglers and other performers that you can see throughout the fairgrounds.

The Maryland Renaissance Fair offers special event weekends throughout the run of the show. This year, the festival has hosted “Outlander” author, Diana Gabaldon, British vocal group, The Mediaeval Baebes, and a celebration of pirates! The Renaissance Festival in Maryland closes out with a special jousting competition on October 24th and 25th, where knights across the country can compete to see who is the best knight in the land!

What to Do at the Maryland Renaissance Faire

There is quite a lot to see and do at the Maryland Renaissance Fair from entertainment on 8 different stages to watching daily jousting exhibitions. There are performers and artisans from all over the world displaying their skills and crafts.  For the adults, there are comedy shows, acrobatic performances, sword swallowers, jesters, musicians, madrigals, living history demonstrations and much more. You can also test your strength and ability at special games of skill. Craftsmen will be demonstrating and selling their wares including handcrafted clothing, leather goods, jewelry, stained glass and blown glass. For the children, there are puppet shows, magicians, storytellers and a special children’s play area, which includes a pirate ship!

There are a variety of fair food outlets offering festival favorites one pound smoked turkey legs to cheesecake on a stick! There are deep fried vegetables, sandwiches, crepes, hot apple dumplings, ice cream and other fair food throughout the different areas of the Maryland Renaissance Festival. There are also 5 taverns and 17 stands that offer a variety of beverages from ales to herbal teas.

The Maryland Renaissance Festival is celebrating its 39th year in 2015. It is a great way to escape from the modern world and is great place to people watch! If you want to participate in the festival atmosphere by dressing up in costume, the fair offers costume rentals as well!  

ezStorage is proud to be part of the Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. areas where there is always something to do and see! Stop by our Annapolis self storage location close to the Maryland Renaissance Festival grounds to see how we can help you with all of your storage needs!


long term storage facilities

Businesses, homeowners and renters rent storage units for a variety of reasons and needs.  A storage unit can be rented for short term needs such as moving or storing items during a remodeling project. Or a storage unit can be rented for long term needs such as military deployment, an extended out-of-town job assignment or a college student requiring long term furniture storage for studying abroad for a year.

Long Term Storage Facilities

The first thing that needs to be decided when using long-term storage is to figure out what you need to store. Do you need to store the entire contents of your house or apartment while you are away or do you just need to store a few items?  Deciding on what you need to store will determine the type and size storage unit that you will need. Military personnel or business people who will be away from home for a longer period of time might need to store their vehicles, so they would need to find a self storage facility with vehicle parking and storage capabilities. If you will need long term furniture or electronic storage then it is recommended to rent a climate controlled storage unit.

Long Term Storage Tips

When storing belongings for long periods of time, consider taking extra steps above and beyond normal packing .

  • Use new sturdy boxes for long term storage.
  • Avoid packing items in plastic bags as plastic can induce moisture build-up inside the bag.
  • Wrap fragile items carefully in bubble wrap or newsprint and make sure to fill the box up with filler material.
  • Make sure to label boxes with the contents and create a master inventory list of items that you have in storage. Keep a copy of the list inside the storage unit.
  • Take extra precaution and thoroughly clean appliances before moving and storage. Add bleach or baking soda in the cleaning mixture to make sure it is extra clean. Leave the door for the appliances slightly ajar when storing.
  • Cover the floor with a canvas tarp or sheet or place items above the ground on shelving units or pallets.  This will allow for airflow to continue in the storage unit around the boxes and furniture as well as help keep the items off of a damp floor.
  • Before placing your furniture in long term storage, vacuum the furniture with a brush to remove any excess dirt and then apply furniture polish. This will seal the wood and slow the advances of mold.
  • Cover the upholstery on furniture with clean 100% cotton white sheets. Do not use dark colored sheets as these could bleed color onto the stored items if there is moisture in the storage unit.

Self storage is a great home storage solution for short-term and long-term storage needs. By properly preparing your items for storage, you will be able to keep the items in good working order. Stop by any of the 46 ezStorage self storage locations in the Baltimore, Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. areas to see how we can help with your storage needs. We have a variety of storage unit sizes to fit household goods, clothing, appliances, furniture and vehicle storage.  


national fire prevention week 2015

What is National Fire Safety Week?

Fire Prevention Week 2015 is October 4th to 10th. This is one week out of the year where the importance of fire safety is shared in the classrooms, via firefighters and with families.  Fire Prevention Week was officially started as a memorial week to commemorate two major fires within just a few hours of each other. The Great Chicago Fire occurred on October 9, 1871 and left 100,000 people homeless, killed 250 people and destroyed more than 17,400 structures. The fire in Peshtigo, Wisconsin killed over 1,150 people and burned more than 1.2 million acres.  Those horrendous fires led to proclamations from the Fire Marshals Association of North America, (today called the International Fire Marshals Association),  that the week in which October 9th falls will be designated  as Fire Prevention Week to educate the public about fire prevention and safety. President Woodrow Wilson issued the first National Fire Prevention Day proclamation in 1920.  Since 1922, Fire Prevention Week had been observed on the Sunday through Saturday where October 9th falls. Fire Prevention Week is listed as the longest running public health and safety observance on record.

Fire Prevention and Safety

It is very important for children and families to be very diligent in learning and practicing fire prevention and safety on a daily basis.  According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), in 2013, fire departments across the United States responded to nearly 370,000 home structure fires resulting in nearly 14,000 injuries, over 2,750 deaths and $7 billion in property damage. Roughly half of home fire deaths resulted from fires reported between 11pm and 7am, when people were usually asleep.    Cooking is the leading cause of home fire, followed closely by heating equipment failures. Two of every five home fires started in the kitchen. Thankfully, over the last decade the amount of home fires and deaths has declined as more people are becoming more familiar with fire safety routines. Most importantly, having a working smoke alarm cuts the chance of dying in a reported fire by half!

Fire Prevention Plan

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) provides fire safety information and educational packets to teachers, families, and fire professionals as tools to educate the public during Fire Prevention Week.  Since 1927, each fire safety week has had a theme. The theme for National Fire Prevention Week 2015 is: “Hear the Beep, Where You Sleep.” The theme emphasizes the need for placing working smoke alarms in every bedroom.  In fact, NFPA recommends that smoke alarms are installed in every bedroom, outside each separate sleeping area and on every level of the home including the basement. Larger homes need more smoke alarms.

During Fire Prevention Week at schools, children learn the importance of fire safety including the following:

  • Instill the importance of having a smoke alarm installed on every floor of the home and outside each bedroom.
  • Know what the sound of a smoke alarm sounds like and what to do when it goes off.
  • Create a family fire escape plan for their homes and practice it with the family monthly.
  • Teach and practice “Stop, Drop and Roll” in case clothing catches on fire.
  • Explain the importance of not playing with matches, a lighter or other fire sources.


It is imperative to practice fire safety all year round. Stop by your local fire station to get more fire prevention and safety information during Fire Prevention Week 2015.

ezStorage wants to help keep your family safe and help educate the importance of fire safety for the entire family from dorm room safety tips to holiday season fire safety tips.  ezStorage has 46 self storage locations in the Baltimore, Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. areas to help with your storage needs.


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