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The Baltimore, Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. areas have so many great things to do and see from beaches, museums, historical homes and battlefields to many of Mother Nature’s wonders. With lower gas prices, there’s no better time to head out on a day trip around Baltimore. There are many great one day trips you can take from Baltimore to discover the amazing sights and stories and learn about nature, history and culture in the process. We’ve created a one-day trip guide to provide you some ideas about places to explore virtually right in your backyard. The trips can range from a one hour to just over 3 hour drive from Baltimore.

Beaches and Trips to the Ocean

There are many great beach escapes from one to 3 hours away from Baltimore. You can travel south to Virginia or north to Cape May, New Jersey. You can escape for a day or spend a week exploring all the activities at these beaches and parks. One of the most popular beaches and vacation destinations on the east coast is Ocean City, Maryland. There are 10 miles of beaches, boardwalks, amusement parks and much more. If you are looking for more of a nature get away, then visit Assateague Island National Seashore for bird watching, hiking, camping, swimming and clamming.

The Great Outdoors

Just an hour trip out of Baltimore is a great outdoor adventure: a rafting trip on the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers. The course starts just one hour from Baltimore and is a perfect one-day excursion. The rafting trip is a 6 and half mile course traveling through 3 states, Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia. Take a drive on Scenic Drive through the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia and explore all over 500 miles of trails, picnic areas, and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Civil War Battlefields

Many Civil War battles took place just a few hours outside of Baltimore in Pennsylvania to Northern Virginia. Just over an hour outside of Baltimore are many pivital Civil War Battlefields. You can visit the first battle of the Civil War that took place in July 1861 in Manassas, Virginia. Just a bit over an hour northwest of Baltimore is the Gettysburg National Military Park, one of the most hallowed grounds in the United States. Take the day to take a tour of the most important 3 day battle in United States History or take a walk around the historic downtown of the city.

National Mall

Washington D.C. is only an hour from Baltimore and offers so many places with history, cultural and governmental importance. You can spend the day just walking along the National Mall and Tidal Basin to visit the monuments from The George Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial to the World War II Memorial. Explore everything from pop culture to classic artwork to dinosaurs at the many museums along the National Mall in Washington D.C..

ezStorage has created the “1 Day Trips from Baltimore Guide” sharing just a few of the great destinations that are up to 3 hours from Baltimore. Don’t just take our word for it, get out there and explore! 

Family Day Trips from Baltimore

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Earth Day Information

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd. It was created in 1970 by Senator Gaylord Nelson to promote the idea of ecology and encourage respect for the earth by shining a spotlight on soil, water and air pollution. Today, Earth Day has become a celebration of Mother Nature, “green” and sustainable technology and how to protect our national resources.

Everyone can help out protecting our environment on Earth Day and every day, by just doing simple things to help out the environment like recycling, repurposing and reusing boxes, bottles, cans, and other items and properly disposing of computers, cell phone batteries and other electronic items.

There are many Earth Day events that have taken place this past weekend as well as some that will take place this week in the Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia areas.

Earth Day Events in Baltimore

Each year during Earth Day week, the city of Baltimore hosts Baltimore Green Week.  This year, the festivities run from Saturday, April 18th to Saturday, April 25th at venues throughout Baltimore. Baltimore Green Week consists of a week-long series of programs spotlighting environmental awareness and learning about the newest and best sustainable practices. There are workshops, seminars, hands-on projects (such as clean-up projects), and volunteering opportunities.  The highlight of Baltimore Green Week is the EcoFest, held at Druid Hill Park. This year, Ecofest was held on Saturday, April 18th. There were over 100 vendors who help and promote a green culture in the Baltimore area. There was also entertainment, seminars for healthier living and activities for the entire family. The Baltimore Zoo is having a “Party for the Planet” on Saturday, April 25th from 10am to 3pm to put the spotlight on conservation and making the earth a better place to live. There will be entertainment, a seedling giveaway, workshops and a puppet show.


Earth Day Events in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is hosting many Earth Day activities. The Global Citizen 2015 free concert was held on Saturday, April 18th on the grounds of the Washington Monument. The concert was an all-day event to “inspire citizens to take action to protect our planet and its people”. Performers for the concert included No Doubt, Mary J. Blige, Usher, Train and Common.  Union Station near the Capital Building in Washington D.C has a special celebration in conjunction with NASA and the Earth Day Network on April 21st and 22nd.  The Earth Day events feature interactive eco-friendly experiences to raise awareness of environmental issues and encourage sustainability. There will be scientists and astronauts from NASA as well as representatives from many other organizations helping make the earth a better place. The National Zoo will be having special Earth Day focused activities for the entire family on April 22nd from 10am to 1pm. The activities focus on green-themed crafts that promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle. The United States Botanical Garden located on the National Mall, has a special 45th Anniversary of Earth Day event on Friday, April 24th with cooking demonstrations and seminars from representatives of environmental organizations from around the area. The Broccoli City Festival  takes place Saturday, April 25th from 12pm to 9pm at Gateway DC Pavilion. The festival promotes living a healthier and more environmentally sustainable lifestyle. There will be musical performances, yoga classes, fitness instructions and more.


ezStorage Supports Being Green

ezStorage is proud to be a part of the “green” and sustainable movement in the self storage industry. Two Baltimore area ezStorage facilities, Elkridge and Charles Village, are considered “green” facilities. They received LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certifications after passing a very tough certification process. The locations utilize LED energy efficient lighting, use native plants in the landscaping around the buildings, use reflective room membranes and are water, waste and energy efficient.



Winter clothing storage. Photo courtesy of boldsky.comNow that the trees and flowers are officially in bloom, we can safely put our winter coats, clothes, heavy quilts, and snow blowers and shovels in storage for the season!  As you do your spring cleaning projects, it is also a good time to sort your winter items and prepare them for storage for the spring/summer months.

It is important to follow manufacturer instructions on cleaning and storage for your items. Each type of outdoor machinery may have specific instructions on what to do before placing them in storage.  Winter clothing, coats, blankets and quilts will also have different storage instructions based on how they are made.

Tips for Storing Snow Blowers

Self storage is a great solution for storing winter outdoor items such as snow blowers, electric shovels and snow throwers. Snow blowers and throwers can take up a lot of space in a garage that could be used for summer items that you need to use more often. In fact, you can switch out the stored lawn mower that was put in storage in the fall! Below are a few tips for storing snow blowers during the off-season so they can be used again when the first snow falls in the winter.

  • Always consult the manufacturer instructions when preparing the snow blower for storage. Each brand of snow blower could have specific storage instructions that would need to be followed.
  • Perform a final maintenance check before you place the snow blower in storage. Repair and replace any parts and equipment that need to be fixed on the snow blower.
  • Hand wash and dry the exterior of the machine to prevent corrosion from rock salt.
  • Touch up any rusted or chipped paint surfaces.
  • Drain all gasoline before storage.
  • Check all the belts and gear shafts. Change the oil and the spark plugs on the engine before storing.
  • If you are covering the snow blower in storage, use a tarp with breathable material. Do not cover in a tight plastic cover.

How to Store Winter Clothes

Now is the perfect time to get your winter clothing ready for storage. Spring is a transitional time of year for wardrobes, it isn’t quite warm enough to wear summer clothing, but it isn’t cold enough to continue to wear turtlenecks and wool sweaters! Before you put your winter clothes away for the season, take the time to sort through your winter wardrobe. If you didn’t wear certain clothes over the past winter, then it is time to decide to donate, sell in a garage sale, or throw away the clothing. Goodwill, homeless shelters or Salvation Army always welcome clothing donations.

  • Thoroughly clean the clothing before placing in storage. Make sure any stains and food particles are completely removed from the clothing before storage. Wash the clothing according to manufacturer’s instructions, some clothing might require dry cleaning. Make sure that the clothing is completely dry before storage.
  • Store clothing in clean unused cardboard boxes. You can pick up a variety of moving boxes at ezStorage. The most optimum storage solution for clothing is to use clear plastic boxes with air tight lids. This way you can see what you are storing. Also, suitcases are a great option to store clothing.
  • Store like items such as sweaters together. Put the heaviest items at the bottom of the box and the lighter items towards the top of the box.
  • Heavy coats should be stored in plastic garment bags during the off-season. Wardrobe boxes are also a great option for storing heavy coats. You can just hang the coats on the bar in the boxes and place in storage.

Tips for Winter Quilt Storage

  • As with clothing, quilts and blankets need to be properly cleaned before placing in storage. Read the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. Some quilts will require dry cleaning, while others are machine washable.
  • Quilts must be dried completely before storage.
  • Quilts are best stored rolled or folded. Place acid-free paper in-between the folded layers for extra protection. This is especially true for hand-quilted blankets.
  • Keep stored blankets, comforters and quilts away from direct light and moisture during storage.
  • Blankets and quilts can be stored hanging in wardrobe boxes or folded in plastic or cardboard boxes.





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