General Storing & Moving Articles

where to buy security locks
Where to Buy Security Locks
If you are using self-storage to stash your belongings, you’ll want the peace of mind knowing that your stuff is secure. At ezStorage, we offer a...
where to buy moving boxes
Where to Buy Moving Boxes
Whether you’re moving or packing up belongings for storage, you’ll want to know where to get moving boxes and other packing supplies. ezStorage sells...
self storage vs portable storage
Self Storage vs. Portable Storage
If you’re looking for additional storage outside of your home, it’s important to understand the differences between two of the most common options:...

Storage Tips for Businesses

archival storage
What Documents Should Be Placed in Archival Storage
Business files and documents can take up a large amount of valuable space in an office. In today’s electronic world, you wouldn’t think that keeping...
Restaurant Storage
Tips for Restaurant and Catering Storage
If you are a restaurant owner, self-storage can provide a useful place to keep equipment when you aren’t using it, especially in the off season....
How to Properly Store Documents
If business files, documents and paper are taking over your office or your office is running out of storage space, then it is time to think about...

Storage Tips for Contractors

best way to store power tools
Best Way to Store Power Tools
From professional contractors to the weekend DIY warrior, if you have an abundance of power tools, self-storage is a great option for storing your...
Storing Power Tools
How to Store Power Tools
Organizing and storing power tools can be tricky to set up. Depending on how many tools you have, how often you need to use them and how much space...

Storage Tips for Homeowners

arts and crafts storage
Arts and Crafts Storage
Craft supplies have a way of multiplying, especially over the holiday season. No matter what your passion - knitting, scrapbooking, sewing, jewelry...
artificial christmas tree storage
Artificial Christmas Tree Storage
Holiday decorations for the most part are small in size and relatively easy to store. However, artificial Christmas trees are quite large and can...
Holiday Storage
How to Store Holiday Decorations
The holiday season will soon be here. It is nearly time to bring out the holiday decorations that you have placed in storage in a basement, garage,...

Storage Tips for Students

college storage
Summer Storage for College Students
As the spring semester draws to a close, it's time to start thinking about packing up for whatever opportunity awaits you during the summer. Whether...


12 Days of Holiday Storage Guide
12 Days of Holiday Storage Tips
Learn the tricks and tips on storing holiday decorations Properly storing your holiday decorations can help keep these items in good working order...
Back to School Checklist
Back to School List
Explore our back to school checklist for parents Back to school. For some people these three words are great news, while for others it is an anxiety-...
2014 Baltimore Cultural Festivals
Baltimore Festivals 2014
Explore our 2014 calendar of cultural festivals in Baltimore Baltimore is a city with a mix of cultures, ethnicities and traditions dating back to...